February 13, 2023

All About Rowe Granite – Granite Kitchen Worktops

Before purchasing your new kitchen countertops, you want to make absolutely sure that they are going to be the best for you and your kitchen.

Here, we have a few good reasons why choosing Granite Kitchen Worktops is a great choice.

Granite Grey Kitchen Worktops

Qualities Of Granite

  • If you require a hard-wearing and long lasting Kitchen Worktop, Granite is a brilliant choice. It will look great for years to come and is extreemly functional. Due to the way it is manufactured, Granite is a timeless natural stone that stands the test of time.
  • Granite can withstand harsh wear and tear from a busy kitchen. Its natural stone is very robust and can also withstand being exposed to high temperatures making them very heat resistant. You can rest a hot pan onto the worktop and rest assured that it will not leave a mark.
  • Granite is not as porous as other worktop materials. This means that it is easier to clean and keep the bacteria away. Thus making Granite a hygienic choice when preparing food.
  • If you are a keen baker, Granite is brilliant when rolling out forms of dough. This is due to its cold, smooth surface, making it the perfect surface. You can also use your Granite Kitchen Worktop to chop and prepare food directly onto and not worry about scratches appearing or marking the scratch resistant surface. The only thing to bear in mind is that Granite is so strong that it can actually blunt some sharp knives when using them to cut on.
  • Granite offers a stand-out, one of a kind worktop that will be both aesthetically pleasing but practical too. There are many different colours, patterns and tones to choose from that you are sure to find something to suit you.
  • If you are thinking of having the same worktops for a long period of time, Granite is the way to go. It will serve you well for many many years rather than other cheaper made countertops. They will tend to wear and become damaged quicker where Granite will stay looking its best with little maintenance.
  • It takes a great amount of force to chip a slab of Granite but it does need to be installed correctly to prevent this happening. This is also required so the worktop does not warp or crack. It is a very solid surface.
  • Granite is perfect for any kitchen; whether that be a cottage style or modern style. It is a great investment to any home.
Granite Bar

Rowe Granite – Granite Kitchen Worktops

Rowe Granite have a huge range of Granite Kitchen Worktops and Quartz Countertops to choose from.

We have lots of Granite worktop colours for you to choose from a high quality too.

They supply and deliver Granite work surfaces and Quartz surfaces throughout the UK. We have the best team to ensue that you are receiving the best service and worktops possible.

Contact us now to retrieve your free no-obligation quote.

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