March 14, 2022

All About Quartz Crystalised Formation

Quartz is made up of two materials, one part Silicon and two parts Oxygen. These materials are found in the Earth’s crust. Quartz is the basic form of silicates found on the Earth.

Quartz makes up 12% of the Earth’s surface and 20% of the crust. Quartz becomes formed when silica-rich solutions occurs in the underground cracks and crevices beneath the Earth’s crust. This allows for unlimited expansion of Quartz clusters.

The most basic way to describe Quartz is that it is a Crystal formation forma of silicon dioxide. When Quartz grows into large crystals it can be cut into varieties such as rock crystal, citrine etc.

Where Is Quartz Found?

Quartz is a widely distributed and most abundant mineral in the Earth’s surface. It is present and are plentiful in all parts of the world, which is formed in all temperatures.

Quartz is abundant in Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks. It is very resistant to both mechanical and chemical wearing. Thus making it the most dominant material of mountaintops due to its durability.

Mineral deposits or Quartz are able to be found from around the world, it is durable, plentiful and ubiquitous.

White Quartz Worktops

How Does Quartz Form?

Where Geothermal waters are present, Quartz can form in either igneous rocks or these environments.

Quartz is formed as magma is cooled in Igneous rocks. Like when water turns into ice, silicon dioxide will crystallize. This happens as it cools down. When slow cooling occurs, it generally allows the crystals to grow larger.

When Quartz is grown from silica-rich water, it is formed in a similar way. This Silicon Dioxide dissolves in water but this will only occur when at a high temperature and pressure.

The Use Of Quartz

Quartz is one of the most useful materials, this is linked to its physical and chemical properties. It is extreemly durable, has electrical properties and heat resistant. Therefore, there are many different uses for this excellent material, here we have listed some of them.

  • Jewellery – The hard, durable and easy cleaned nature of Quartz makes it an excellent material for this purpose.
  • Glass – Optical-based Quartz crystals are used within the manufacturing process of lasers, telescopes and scientific instruments to name some examples.
  • Watches – Quartz crystals contain oscillators which posses the ability to vibrate the frequencies. This helps to regulate the frequencies and movement of the watch you are wearing.
  • Foundry Materials – The properties of Quartz sand has such a high melting point, with high strength which helps in the metal casting process.
  • Abrasives – Quartz sand is considered a brilliant abrasive. This is due to its hardness and resistance to corrosion.
  • Kitchen Worktops – This is arguably the most common known use for Quartz. Due to its non-porous property, durability, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing, Quartz characteristics make it very desirable.
  • Tools – Some types of Quartz is used in the making of medical incision devices, sharpening tools etc.
  • Filler – Quartz Sand and Ground Quartz are used as fillers to manufacture putty, adhesives and paint etc. It is excellent in this process due to its durability, strength and wear-resistance.
  • Ceramic Industry – The Silica present in Quartz Sand does help to provide the white colour to ceramic tiles.
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Conclusion To Quartz Crystalised Formation – Rowe Granite Kitchen Worktops

In conclusion, Quartz can be used in many different ways. It has that many brilliant properties that make it so useful in different ways of life.

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