December 14, 2023

Autumn Colours, Themes and Schemes

As the autumn equinox approaches, the season’s palette is inspired by the natural transition of colours outdoors.

Leaves shift from vibrant greens to a spectrum of yellows, russets, and reds, mirroring the seasonal metamorphosis. Indoors, the warmth of lit fires and the scent of spicy homemade soups fill the air.

In the realm of stone, this time of year brings an array of colours to the forefront, from golden and copper tones to deep, rich browns and luxurious shades of jade green.


As the evenings grow longer, embracing dark colour schemes doesn’t necessarily mean defaulting to black or dark grey.

Instead, consider layering warm, neutral tones like caramel or taupe to achieve the quintessential coziness. These hues blend beautifully with natural materials, creating a timeless and inviting atmosphere in any home.


In the world of natural stones, the selection of gold-toned options is vast, encompassing choices like Black Fusion, Kashmir Gold, Kalahari Desert, and Prada Gold. These varieties feature an array of pumpkin, cinnamon, and terracotta shades.

Pairing them with design elements like exposed stone or brick, along with oak cabinetry or floorboards, can create a genuinely rustic ambiance. If you prefer painted cabinet doors, there’s an endless array of coordinating warm, earthy tones to choose from.

Furthermore, most top quartz suppliers have expanded their offerings to include variants infused with varying levels of golden pigmentation and veining, providing even more options for those seeking this rich, warm aesthetic.


Several Quartz Kitchen Worktop suppliers are increasingly adopting the trend of deeper tones.

Broad-veined designed in a rich Auburn Brown can offer an appealing looking with other similar veins throughout some Kitchen Worktops. These would be brilliantly paired with simple, understated cabinetry which allows the true shine of the focal point to come through.


The trend of sage-coloured cabinetry is gaining popularity in the realm of kitchen design.

As for Quartz Kitchen worktops, green shades are quickly becoming a favoured choice. For an autumnal touch, Caesarstone’s Arabetto is an ideal match, featuring a beautiful interplay of jade and copper veins that echo the natural world.

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