February 26, 2024

Bathroom Worktops

Bathrooms serve a vital role in our daily routines, from the energising morning shower that kick-starts our day to the tranquil bath soak that caps off the evening.

This personal retreat should not only accommodate our ‘me time’ but also reflect our design preferences. Whether you’re drawn to sleek, ultra-modern aesthetics, seek a serene oasis, or love the charm of upcycled vintage, we cater to all these styles and more.

Practical Solutions

Opting for Granite, Marble or Quartz over traditional wall tiling presents a significant benefit: it minimises the presence of numerous grout lines. The result is a sleek, continuous surface that not only gives the illusion of a larger space but is also simpler to maintain in a pristine condition.

Utilising the same material across various elements, such as the bath surround, vanity top, and windowsill, achieves a cohesive look that can make a small room appear more unified and spacious. This technique is effectively employed by spa designers to evoke a sense of luxury in boutique hotel interiors.

Wet Rooms, Bathrooms, En-Suites etc

No matter the size of the area, practicality should always guide design. Reflecting on the HOW and WHO will interact with the space is time well spent. Beyond the basic decision between a bathtub and a separate shower stall, you could also think about incorporating dual washbasins for added convenience. A recessed wall niche for shampoo bottles can offer a touch of minimalist elegance.

When it comes to bathrooms with complete cladding, envision the layout as a three-dimensional puzzle. In spaces with unconventional shapes, the process of templating and installation might need to be divided into multiple phases to guarantee an exact match.


As anticipated, the options for materials are vast. The majority of Granite and Marble selections come in a standard thickness of 20mm, matching the offerings from Silestone’s Quartz and Caesarstone’s Porcelain collections.

On the other hand, sintered stones like Dekton, Ceralsio, and Inalco are specifically crafted for bathroom wall cladding, featuring ultra-thin profiles that vary from 4mm to 20mm. With such a broad spectrum of patterns and colours, there’s something to suit every preference.


Numerous customers are looking to refresh their guest cloakroom with updates such as a new vanity top or windowsill. To add a unique and eccentric touch, consider repurposing a salvaged or vintage cabinet.

For smaller-scale renovations, we offer a wide range of natural stone and Quartz offcuts. These provide a cost-effective solution that’s not only easy on your wallet but also environmentally friendly, as it helps in utilising leftover materials.

Whatever the size or shape of your plans, give us a call to arrange your free no-obligation quote!

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