January 15, 2023

Benefits Of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Having the best quality Kitchen Worktops installed at your home can arguably be the most important choice you make within your Kitchen. 

They set the tone for your whole Kitchen interior and also need to be functional for your home environment.

This is why it is essential that you make sure you achieve the best quality and best material possible.

Quartz Worktops are extremely popular in households around the world and this is due to many different reasons. Here, we talk about 5 of these amazing reasons.

Quartz Worktops


The Aesthetics of your Kitchen is very important. It will showcase your style and personal taste along with the layout and dimensions of the space. You will find so many choices in Quartz Kitchen Worktops that we are confident there will be something perfect for you at Rowe Granite. We have a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from.


You may find when you are searching for your new Kitchen Countertop that what you have viewed in the showroom may not always match up to the worktop that you receive in your home. This is due to inconsistencies between batches and boxes of the worktops. This mostly happens with Granite Kitchen Worktops.

This is due to the way that Quartz is manufactured. With Quartz, you are guaranteed a consistent appearance which is perfect when you are decorating a large kitchen space.


Everyone has a budget in mind when thinking about completing a Kitchen renovation. This is why Quartz is so popular. Quartz offers a worktop that will last you for years to come and still look as good as it did when you first had it installed. It is simple and easy to maintain and will get a lot more for your money in comparison to other worktop materials.


The durability of Quartz is just as good as that of Granite and other materials. The best thing about Quartz is that it has the added benefit of not chipping or cracking easily. This is why it makes the perfect solution for a busy household. It is also less prone to stains making it easy for it to look its best if and when an accident does occur.


The maintenance of your Quartz Worktops is kept to a minimum if kept on top of. It has heat-resistant and scratch-resistant properties that will allow you to not worry too much about placing a hot pan on them. It also has properties to prevent bacteria growth on the worktop to make it cleaner and safer.

Quartz also does not require resealing maintenance either. All of these features make Quartz the perfect choice for a busy household that does not have the time to reseal, clean and worry about the worktop being safe for their family. It is the perfect long-term solution for any home.

Once your new Quartz Kitchen Worktop is installed, all you will need to do is keep on top of the cleaning in the easiest way as your normally would and you will be destined for long-term satisfaction.

Rowe Granite supply and deliver a wide range of high-quality Quartz Kitchen Worktops throughout the UK. Contact us now for your free no-obligation quote.

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