April 18, 2023

Built-In Hob On Your New Granite Worktops

Is it possible to flush-mount a Hob into a Granite Kitchen Worktop?

Flush mounted Hobs or flush fitted Hobs are very popular for lots of kitchens. Induction Hobs have been rivalling gas cookers and therefore making the flush hob more appealing. The best option for some modern kitchens is to make the profile of the hob as low as possible.

The shallow creases of the hob will drop into your new Granite Kitchen Worktop. Thus makes the upper, the glass and the heating surface completely level with the worktop running around.

However, with induction and ceramic, there is still the want and need for a gas cooker in some homes. It is sometimes possible to install a glass-plate mounted gas hob in the same way.

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What are the disadvantages to a having a flush-mounted Hob?

The first thing to consider is the cost of installing them. You may find that your joiner will require more time/money to route the shallow track for the hob flange and this does take some time.

Due to the nature of Hobs becoming warm/hot while cooking, there has to be an expansion gap around them. This being said, many hobs can be flush-mounted but it may not be as near as it might appear. Sometimes a silicone-filled gap to the side of the flange is a way to hide the gap instead of just leaving it open.

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