Calacatta Anatolia



Calacatta Anatolia Quartz Worktop

Experience the elegance of Calacatta Anatolia from Bstone, inspired by the finest Italian Marble. This white quartz with grey veins offers a realistic appearance and a stunning visual effect. Ideal for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, stairwells, and wall coverings, Calacatta Anatolia enhances any interior design project with sophistication and magnificence.

BQuartz is renowned for its exceptional durability, being highly resistant to scratches, stains, chemicals, and more. These durable and high-quality slabs are designed to last for generations, providing longevity and peace of mind. Count on us for expert advice on specific maintenance, from initial cleaning to regular care.

Elevate your space with the timeless beauty of Calacatta Anatolia. Experience the luxurious aesthetics and enduring quality that will transform any interior design project.

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