August 26, 2023

Choosing The Right Kitchen Lighting

Selecting the perfect kitchen lighting goes beyond aesthetics, encompassing both practicality and style in equal measure.

A well-chosen lighting setup not only infuses your kitchen with the ideal ambience, elevating it into a delightful space but also incorporates a layered approach to ensure efficient task lighting when required.

Just like any other room, it’s essential to incorporate the three essential lighting types, enhancing the functionality of your kitchen design. When envisioning your kitchen’s lighting scheme, contemplate how each type will contribute to the users’ interaction with the space.

Crafting a lighting plan that aligns with your kitchen’s usage patterns will significantly impact its functionality and assist you in arriving at the most effective and efficient lighting solution.

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Let’s kick off with the beloved addition to any kitchen – the island.

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is more than just an extra work surface; it can house hobs, sinks, and various units underneath.

Highlighting it with striking yet functional lighting will truly give it the spotlight it deserves. Lighting can effectively reflect light throughout the room, creating a sense of spaciousness and airiness.

For kitchens with no upper levels, integrating a skylight can infuse the busiest room in your home with a breathtaking wow-factor.


When it comes to selecting the appropriate light fixtures, there’s more to consider than just the design.

Light temperature is a crucial factor as well, and the choice between cool and warm light can significantly impact the ambience of your kitchen.

Modern kitchens with sharp angles often benefit from cool light, especially when combined with monochromatic cabinet doors and work surfaces. On the other hand, kitchens featuring natural wooden tones, traditional furniture, and softer colours tend to exude a cosier atmosphere with warmer yellow lighting. Keep this in mind as you finalize the overall aesthetic of your new kitchen design.

For smaller kitchens where pendants or hanging chandeliers might impede practicality, and spotlights appear cluttered or challenging to install, LED strips tucked into recesses and under units provide an intelligent alternative.

This approach offers a contemporary and striking appearance that can be surprisingly cost-effective. Utilising a diffusing strip over your LED installation will enhance the radiant gradient effect that has become increasingly popular recently.

This choice is particularly effective in kitchens without windows, especially in apartments and compact setups.

If you have the space for an island or a row of base units that serve as a divider in an open-plan layout, incorporating feature downlighting or pendants can enhance the overall aesthetic even further.

kitchen worktop

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I trust that these insights have sparked new ideas and inspiration as you embark on crafting the perfect lighting design for your upcoming kitchen project.

Keep in mind that a layered approach, emphasizing illumination in functional zones, finding the right light temperature, and maximizing natural light are the essential elements for achieving effective and inviting lighting in your living space.

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