May 13, 2021

Cleaning Your Granite Worktops

Maintaining the look of our beautiful Granite Worktops can be very simple.

Granite Worktops are a gorgeous addition to any home and need to be cared for to ensure that they always look as good as they should. Follow these simple steps will make sure that your kitchen always looks its best.

Prior to a deep cleaning your Granite Worktops

Before you start to clean your worktops, you need to ensure that they are completely clear of any spills. This is to make sure that you achieve that beautiful shine.

Although it can be difficult to avoid spills and or liquid on your worktops, it is always advised that you try and do so. If you do have a spill, make sure that it is always clean any spills as soon as they happen. If this is not achieved straight away, a wet rag will loosen the residue but this is not guaranteed.

A wet rag can also be used for cleaning general kitchen food crumbs etc. Warm soapy water can also be used to ensure that you catch any of these leftover crumbs that could be lying on the worktop.


Which chemicals to use on your Granite Worktops?

Store-bought products usually are too harsh of Granite worktops. Therefore, a homemade version is more advised.

The best way to do this is to fill your sink up with warm, clean water and mix it with a mild detergent. Next, add a small amount of rubbing alcohol for antiseptic and cleaning properties. Once this is achieved, allow the solution to cool down slightly.

For the most optimal cleaning, make sure that you do not use any vinegar, ammonia, or lemon cleaners on your Granite Worktops. Granite is a robust material but acidic substances may eat away at the surface. Lemon and vinegar in particular are more acidic which is less advisable for cleaning your worktops.

Tips for Cleaning your Granite Worktops

The most recommended cloth to use would be a microfiber cloth. They are ideal for cleaning your Granite worktop as they are less likely to leave any fibers behind. Ensure that you soak your cloth in the cleaning product that you are using but remove any excess water before using.

It is advisable to run your hand over the worktop prior to cleaning to remove any stains or debris that you cannot sometimes see. A microfiber cloth is also used to keep the worktop dry before any product streaks show that they are dry.

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