December 14, 2023


The kitchen design landscape has long been dominated by shades of grey and white, but there’s a shift on the horizon.

More and more, kitchen styles are welcoming splashes of colour. You have the choice to introduce gentle hues through accessories, or make a bolder statement with vibrant cabinetry or worktops. Let’s explore some of the latest trends in this colourful evolution.

For quite some time, kitchen design has predominantly featured grey and white palettes.

However, a shift is underway, with more colourful schemes gaining popularity.

Options include incorporate softer hues through your accessories or make a striking impact with bold-coloured cabinets or worktops. Let’s delve into some of the emerging trends in this vibrant transformation.


Currently, shades of pink, peach, and scarlet are becoming increasingly prominent.

These are the colours to keep an eye on in. Some customers are gravitating towards warm, rosy hues that radiate joy, opting for bolder colour choices that enhance the overall mood and atmosphere.

Marble Effect

Marble-style worktops remain a significant trend in kitchen designs. However, there’s a growing shift towards more colourful marble aesthetics.

Fortunately, our quartz suppliers are keeping pace with this trend. With dazzling new our many suppliers, these vibrant green and blue tones are sure to invigorate any room.

Feature Walls

Supersized splashbacks have emerged as a straightforward yet impactful method to infuse glamour into a space while harmonizing with the existing design scheme.

In recent times, the trend has been to extend stone up the wall, reaching the underside of cabinets or shelving. The evolution of this trend sees us now truncating the edge of the backsplash, turning it into a more prominent and distinct feature in its own right.


There is a noticeable trend towards dark, moody, and dramatic kitchen styles, yet with a natural twist.

Incorporating natural materials is a clever way to soften these bold kitchen designs, dialling back the intensity while still maintaining a strong visual impact.

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