March 7, 2023

Creating a Contemporary Kitchen Design

There are many different variations of kitchen styles. Trying to keep up with popular trends and designs can be easy why you work out what is best for your space.

Times and styles are changing continually so the term contemporary is very complex. What may look good at the time of decorating may not suit in years to come. Some designs come back in style over the years so functionality is the best solution.

One of the best way that you can create a contemporary kitchen that will guarantee to last the length of time is to make smart design choices. These choices need to keep your kitchen looking good but will always be practical and useful for your day to day activities.


The word contemporary has a simple meaning, ‘present’. To achieve this you need to create a design that has a good representative of the modern day feel.

The best way to really achieve a contemporary design is all in the detail. Use strong clean lines when you plan your kitchen and make sure that everything will fit well. Think about where things are best placed in the space.

Adding Features

Adding things like a splashback to your wall or a kitchen island really make a dynamic feature. These items will look amazing in the centre point of the kitchen design.

Contrast can be created by using opposite colours on the features that you want to make stand out. For example, having a lighter Kitchen island and a darker splashback will really captures the eyes of your guests.


Adding some texture to your units is a very simple and effective way to change the immediate look to your space. Wood tones like wooden drawers and cabinets are a simple way to add warmth to the room. They also help with contrasting with other colour tones.

Creating a contemporary kitchen design sounds an easy task, but with this means that the design needs to withstand the test of time. Contemporary means simple but you can find that the most simple of room designs have had the most work put into them. This is all achieved in the planning.


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