At Rowe Granite we don’t use sub contractors to carry out our work . We guarantee that all our worktops are templated , fabricated and installed by our own qualified stone masons, that way we always have full control of the order process and we can ensure that wherever possible all of your requirements are met.

When our templater visits your home he will discuss with you all aspects of your kitchen worktop fitting, he will be honest with you and explain the process in detail. We don’t make promises that we cannot keep and we will tell you if something is not possible and we will give you guidance and advice if we think something isn’t practical.

Once you have received  your estimate from Rowe Granite, if you feel that the quote is suitable, we first need you to confirm your agreement in writing. Once your written agreement is received we then ask for your address so that we can arrange for the stonemason to visit and make a bespoke template of your requirements. Templating is normally arranged within 5 working days of your confirmation.

If you have not looked at a sample of your chosen stone, the stonemason can bring a full range of samples for you to view so that you can make a final decision. Obviously there are slight variations in prices depending on which type of stone you choose, but changes can be recalculated and agreed before we commence ordering, cutting and fitting. It should also be noted that if the templating process highlights variations from the agreed quote, ie, sizes are different to the those included in the quote or additional items are requested, then adjustments will be made to the quote and we will ask you to agree the revised quote before we order, cut and fit your worktop. The price quoted is always fully inclusive of cutting and fitting, we do not believe in hidden extras. We aim to turn your template into a luxury worktop within 7 – 10 working days.


Please note that payments are required in the following format:

10%: when the customer agrees a quote and confirms that they wish to proceed with their order

50%: of the remaining balance when templating has been completed

Remaining balance when the worktops are fitted