April 20, 2021

Granite vs Quartz Worktops

There are many pros and cons to both of these beautiful stones that make them a great choice for any kitchen, bathroom, or surface.

Here, we have listed a few of the things to consider when you are thinking about making this choice for your home.

Granite Worktops

Granite Blue Pearl

Granite is made from pure stone. It contains 100% Granite. The mined Granite is then turned into slabs or tiles. It is then polished ready for installation.

The appearance of Granite can depend on where it was mined from. The colour can range from subdued earth tones to more vivid blue, greens and reds.

Granite has a tendency to soak up liquids. Thus, along with bacteria, and viruses due to its porous material. This is classed as one of its cons as it can be more difficult to maintain.

Each slab of Granite will have its own imperfections. This, therefore, can cause them to chip and crack easier and quicker than Quartz. Again, this is another con to Granite depending on the use of your kitchen.

Granite countertops are sealed using a resin-based sealant. This will make them more resilient than a Granite surface that is unsealed. This, however, will not be at the same level as a Quartz countertop.

The maintenance of a Granite kitchen worktop can be quite tricky too. You will need to be quick to mop up any stains as quickly as possible to prevent any permanent marks on your surface. This is something to really consider if you use your worktop regularly.

Quartz Worktops

Classic Quartz Glitter Branco

Quartz countertops are manufactured from crushed Quartz. A pigment is then added to activate the colour along with resin to bind everything together. A Quartz surface contains 92-94% of Quartz.

The colour range of Quartz countertops is far larger than those of Granite. Thus making this a big pro for Quartz. They also come in a range of patterns, styles and thickness too.

Quartz has no striations that may lead to cracks appearing. The resin that is used to bind the particles of Quartz together make it non-porous and much more resistant to stains. Making them easier to clean by just wiping off stains and germs using only a mind detergent. Therefore, a lot easier to maintain and much more appealing to a worktop that is used frequently.

Resealing is not required with Quartz worktops as they arrive already pre-sealed.

The aesthetics of Granite & Quartz

One of the most important decisions when thinking about which of these countertops to choose from will be if it will look great in the room. Quartz offers lots more colours, yet you can still see the seem in between each slab. Granite gives the option of more earthy tones that can resemble Marble.

Due to these reasons and many more, Quartz countertops are more popular than Granite for homeowners. Due to their durability, maintenance, colour range and more. Granite, however, does have some benefits over Quartz. Such as its higher heat resistance and also being made from 100% natural stone.

You may also find that a Quartz kitchen worktop is more affordable for you compared to Granite.

Ultimately, this decision is completely up to the customer and, for their own reasons, will make the right choice for their home.

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