September 26, 2022

How High Is A Kitchen Worktop?

The size of your Kitchen will vary for many different factors. These include, lifestyle, family size and the space that you have available.

If you are considering a new Kitchen Layout, then you will need to be thinking about which Kitchen Worktop height and depth is going to be the most suitable for you and your family.

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The Height Of A Kitchen Worktop

The basis of a Kitchen Worktop height will primarily depend on the base units that you choose.

Base units can start from 870mm and can reach a height of 1000mm. This can be right for some homes but not for others, you need to find the right height for you. The average height for a Kitchen Worktop is around 900mm. The best way to test which height would be best for you is to assess where your wrist bone would most comfortably sit when carrying our kitchen tasks such as chopping and preparing food.

If you have chosen to have a Breakfast bar installed, then the height of the surface will determine how high your seating will be. If your worktop height that you have chosen is between 890mm and 940mm, then you will requires seats between 740mm and 820mm of height. For all other worktops of between 1,100mm and 1,190mm, choose seats that are between 840mm and 920mm.


In some situations, you may require a much lower worktop height to make it a more accessible kitchen. This could be for wheelchair uses and therefore the height will usually be between 800mm along with 76mm of knee space.

What Are The Average Heights Of Kitchen Worktops?

The most typical answer to this question is around 600mm to 650mm depth. This is so they accommodate your base units.

Rowe Granite offer many different types of Granite Kitchen Worktops & and a huge range of Quartz Kitchen work surfaces to suit your home. The larger sizes that we offer are perfect for kitchen islands too.

Whatever size or depth that you requires, we are sure to be able to find something that suits you. Our high-quality solid surface worktops of Granite & Quartz come in a huge range of styles, colours and patterns for you to choose from.

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Our team of very experienced and helpful staff will help you throughout your journey to discovering the perfect worktop for your home, lifestyle, kitchen design and decor.

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