August 15, 2023

How To Keep Quartz Kitchen Worktops In The Best Condition

If you just got a beautiful Quartz worktop for your home, you probably want to keep it looking new and shiny.

Ensuring your worktop remains in pristine condition from installation to the long run is a natural desire.

Regular maintenance and cleaning are important for keeping your Quartz worktops looking great and lasting longer.

To keep a Quartz worktop looking good, you need to do a few important things. These include cleaning it regularly and taking care of its shine, glossiness, and colour.

Next, we will discuss how to maintain your Quartz kitchen worktops. This will ensure that you can enjoy them for a long time.

Scratches and Chips

Quartz is strong, but a Quartz kitchen worktop can still get damaged.

Despite its generally impressive scratch resistance, treating it recklessly is ill-advised.

With a shiny surface, it can easily get scratched when sharp knives are used on it.

As with most things, prevention is key. Employ a cutting board when chopping to safeguard your exquisite worktops. Also exercise heightened caution when wiping down the surface to prevent both dragging crumbs and potential scratches.

Equally important is the choice of cleaning cloth. Discard the notion of utilising metal scouring pads and employing such tools to handle spills and debris. This is a better way to compromise the integrity of your Quartz Kitchen Worktop.

Opt instead for a non-abrasive, soft cloth. E-cloths, tailored for cleaning and polishing high-gloss surfaces, prove ideal. Likewise, glass polishing cloths and microfiber cloths are well-suited options.

Moreover, it’s imperative to acknowledge that Quartz is not impervious to chipping.

Exercising caution to prevent objects from falling or striking the edges of your worktop is paramount. These mishaps can lead to irreparable chips and damage.


While possessing both aesthetic appeal and practicality, Quartz worktops are not impervious to staining, despite their non-absorbent nature.

To avoid stains and keep things clean, it’s important to quickly clean up spills to stop them from leaving permanent marks.

Employ a damp, gentle cloth to swiftly tackle spills. The duration a liquid spill remains on your Quartz worktop directly correlates with the likelihood of enduring damage. Additionally, be mindful that liquids with heightened acid content, such as fruit juices, exhibit a swifter propensity to discolor and stain.

Steer clear of utilizing bleach or any acidic or alkaline substances for the purpose of cleaning your Quartz worktops. These agents have the potential to strip the surface of its colour and compromise its integrity.

Instead, opt for a gentle cleaner that does not contain chlorine. Alternatively, you can use a wet cloth to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your worktop. By doing so, you can ensure that it remains in good condition for an extended period of time.

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