January 11, 2022

How A Coloured Worktop Can Transform Your Kitchen

One of the first things that you will see when you walk into someone’s kitchen will be the decor that they have chosen. In recent years, it is all about transforming your space and exploring a mixture of different colours and textures. There are of course a huge range of colours to choose from to suit your requirements.


White is the most simple choice for any space. It can also make a space feel larger that it actually is. It also gives the room an appearance of cleanliness, therefore great for a Kitchen area. The only down side would be that the light colour is more susceptible for stains which of course are more frequent in a kitchen. Choosing a white worktop is beneficial due to the way it can be easily wiped and maintained.


The obvious other option would be to choose pops of colour in the room. A coloured worktop is a great way to create a unique space. Deep colours, bold colours, bright colours give you so many different options to explore your imagination. The only issue when combing colours is that it can in some instances make the room look and feel smaller. Choosing the right colours and shades is important.


Black is a controversial colour to use in a Kitchen space and it can be a bit daunting to use. This colour, however, if paired with the right colour options can make a room look classy and modern. Black worktops with White cupboards are a great combination as they can balance each other out. You can also add some veins/speckles to the worktop to complement the look further.


The colour Grey is a happy medium from Black and White. Not as daunting as black, grey is much better to hide stains and/or damage on your worktop. If you have a busy kitchen, accidents will happen, this is therefore something to think about when choosing the right colour for your household. Grey also complements other colours easily too. It can even make a room feel bright and an illusion of more space.

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