February 26, 2024

Kitchen Trends

Here at Rowe Granite, our mission is to assist our customers in achieving their dream kitchen. If you’re contemplating a kitchen makeover, you might be curious about the current trends in Cabinetry, Worktops, or the newest advancements in Kitchen technology.

The possibilities for what can be incorporated into a kitchen are vast, and this article aims to highlight some of the most recent design trends of the year so far.

Granite Worktops

When embarking on a Kitchen design project, it’s crucial to start with a clear vision of the style you wish to achieve.

This might involve selecting a specific wall or cabinet colour or crafting a cohesive colour scheme that will be reflected throughout the space. Lately, there’s a new source of inspiration for colour choices that are gaining popularity – the vibrant veined patterns found in Marble and Granite Worktops.

While this natural patterning may not appeal to everyone, for those who appreciate eye-catching details, the veins in these Worktops can provide stunning accents and focal points. Veined Marble, in particular, offers a unique allure and is swiftly becoming a sought-after choice in contemporary Kitchen designs.


Concealed Kitchen units have emerged as a notable trend. The concept of tucking away units and appliances behind panels of wood or stone that extend to the ceiling has garnered popularity for several reasons.

It offers a sleek, continuous line along the top of the countertops, achieving a look that’s both clean and contemporary. This design approach is especially effective in spacious areas but also serves as an innovative solution to maintain tidiness and organisation in smaller living spaces, like studio apartments.

In areas where space is at a premium, concealed units can be ingeniously designed to maximise functionality, making them a design feature we anticipate seeing more of in the future.


The resurgence of classic styles is unmistakable. Recently, there’s been a significant revival of trends that captivated many at the turn of the century, with Art Deco and Retro-chic aesthetics experiencing a considerable increase in popularity.

This renewed interest has extended into kitchen design, influencing current trends with its distinct characteristics. Envision geometric patterns adorning tiles and flooring, alongside vibrant colours paired with traditional cabinetry.

These styles invite the exploration of colour palettes that might not typically align with the minimalist and sleek designs of contemporary aesthetics, offering a fresh yet nostalgic approach to kitchen decor.


Integrated appliances have long been a staple in kitchen design, yet the introduction of innovative gadgets continues to redefine convenience and style within this space.

Beyond the familiar self-cleaning ovens and built-in coffee machines, modern essentials such as water purifiers, waste disposal units, and oriental grills have become indispensable components of contemporary kitchens.

Additionally, the advent of discreetly hidden plug sockets under worktops marks a significant improvement in both safety and aesthetic appeal. These advancements, though seemingly small, play a pivotal role in elevating kitchen design and are indeed worthy of celebration.


In the process of designing your Kitchen, it’s crucial to factor in the necessity for ample storage space. Storing smaller items like crockery and cutlery in drawers is a common practice, yet it may not be the most efficient use of space for storing larger Kitchen tools.

This has led to the growing appeal of shelving solutions. If you possess attractive plates, bowls, and mugs, showcasing them as decorative elements can both enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic and serve a practical purpose. While we might not advocate for the return of the 1950s sink curtains, we certainly endorse the use of practical shelving and ingenious storage solutions to keep your kitchen organised and stylish.

Rowe Granite Kitchen Worktops

Rowe Granite is the premier stone worktop supplier throughout the UK. We specialise in the installation of various Kitchen Worktops. If you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen, speak to us for a professional plan and explore how to integrate the Kitchen Worktop into your design.

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