June 7, 2021

Should I Have A Real Marble Kitchen Worktop?

Marble has its pros and cons like any other worktop. Some people will say that nothing compares to the feel of real, natural Marble making it a great choice for a Kitchen Worktop.

In this blog, we go through the different appeals to Marble to help you see its beauty and appeal.

Long Lasting

Marble, a metamorphic rock, is primarily made up of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most often calcite or dolomite.

Despite being relatively soft as a stone, Marble is known for its strength, durability, and resilience. It can withstand extensive use, making it an ideal choice for the demands of a family kitchen.

Historically, Marble has been used for both its decorative appeal and functional properties for thousands of years. It stands out as a material that is not only cost-effective but also highly attractive, adding a touch of elegance and timelessness to any space it adorns.

Change over time

Marble is a material that evolves with time, often displaying signs of wear such as scratches, knocks, and etching as it ages and is used. This characteristic of Marble is often seen as both a benefit and a drawback. While some people appreciate these marks for adding an authentic, characterful patina to Marble Kitchen Worktops, others might view them as signs of excessive wear, suggesting the need for replacement.

It’s important to be mindful that if you opt for a Marble Kitchen Worktop, prompt attention to spills is crucial. Immediate cleaning is key to preventing any permanent damage to the surface. This level of care ensures that your Marble Worktop maintains its beauty and integrity for as long as possible.

Man-made worktop material

If you’re in search of a kitchen worktop that requires less upkeep, considering a man-made material could be a more suitable option for you. Making the right choice for your home and lifestyle is essential.

Many people are drawn to the sleek and shiny finish of materials like Quartz and Granite. Their ease of care adds to their attractiveness, making them a popular choice for modern kitchens. With a plethora of options available in the market, it’s important to explore all the possibilities and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each material before settling on your final decision. This way, you can ensure that your choice not only enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen but also aligns with your maintenance preferences and lifestyle needs.

The Beauty of Marble Kitchen Worktops

Marble is renowned for its stunning beauty and luxurious feel, characterized by its smooth, cool surface. This coolness is particularly advantageous for culinary tasks like baking and rolling dough, making it a favourite for those who love to cook.

The sustainability of Marble, however, is a topic of some debate. Its extraction is energy-intensive, and as a non-renewable resource, there are concerns about its long-term availability. Despite this, Marble is a natural material that can be recycled and is known for its durability.

When it comes to choosing a finish for a Marble Worktop, there are typically two options: polished and honed. A polished finish offers a glossy, reflective surface, while a honed finish provides a more understated, matte look. This choice largely depends on personal taste and the style you want to achieve in your kitchen.

A polished finish not only enhances the worktop’s aesthetics but also adds a layer of protection, making it more resistant to spills and stains. Conversely, honed finishes are more effective at hiding scratches, although it’s important to note that both finishes will show wear over time to some degree.

Rowe Granite Marble Kitchen Worktops

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