April 29, 2021

Sealing Granite Worktops

When thinking about purchasing some new Granite worktops, you may have thought about how you care for them. Maintenance is one of the biggest issues that customers face.

Do my worktops need it? How do I do it? These are both common questions asked by customers about the potential of sealing their worktops. Sealing your Granite Countertops yourself is simple to do, alternatively, you can have a professional come and do this for you.

Which stones need sealing? Not all kitchen countertops need sealing so it is extremely worthwhile knowing which one you have.

When do I need to seal my Granite Kitchen Worktops?

Typically, sealants tend to deteriorate most rapidly in areas that experience frequent and intense moisture, such as around the sink or other wet zones of the Worktop.

A simple way to check the effectiveness of the sealant is by observing how water behaves on the surface of the countertop. If water droplets form beads that stand tall, the sealant is likely in good condition. The quicker the water spreads out rather than beading, the more the sealant has degraded.

For a more precise assessment, first, ensure the surface is completely dry. Then, leave a small pool of water on it for a bit. After wiping it dry, if you notice any darkening or change in colour of the stone where the water was, it indicates that the sealant has allowed some moisture to penetrate beneath the surface.

This change in appearance is a clear sign that the sealant is no longer effective. The presence of a ‘water bridge’ into the stone can lead to more serious issues, such as sub-surface staining from water-based substances like red wine or beetroot. When you observe these signs, it’s time to reseal your countertop to protect it effectively.

What do you need to do before sealing my Granite Worktops?

Before thinking about sealing your worktops, you need to clean them properly.

Basic cleaning includes a wet cloth dry cloth method. Once you do this, ensure your Granite Worktops are thoroughly dry. If you try to seal them while they are still wet, their moisture will prevent the sealant from penetrating the Granite stone.

Granite Kitchen Worktops

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