July 26, 2022

The History Of Granite

Granite has become such a well known and popular stone for use inside and outside the home. It is used mainly for Kitchen Worktops or even outdoor kitchen worktops for cooking and prepping food.

Granite replaced Wooden Worktops just after the second world war. This was due to people worrying about hygiene and cleanliness. Now, Granite Kitchen Worktops have become extreemly popular due to their amazing properties.

It does, however, have many other uses though, not just in the home.


Granite was used by the Egyptians in the past to build and reinforce support. This was for things such as columns, walls and floors.

Even The Red Pyramid Of Egypt had its name assigned due to the light crimson of the exposed Granite surfaces. The Hindu’s also took the same approach as the Egyptians as they used Granite on their own temples too. These can be compared to the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Scotland, Aberdeen, is also known for their Granite usage. It is known as the Granite City along with many other nicknames. It was originally constructed from local Granite for its abundance and was normally used to build foundations of homes.

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Rock Climbing

People who have an interest in rock climbing love Granite when they are taking part in their hobby. The rock is excellent for climbing, its friction, steepness, crack stems and soundness. Thus making it one of the most popular rocks for Rock Climbing.

It so popular, in fact, that artificial climbing walls try to recreate the look and feel of Granite to seem more authentic.

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