July 25, 2023

Top Tips For Choosing Your Kitchen Layout

If you’re in the midst of a kitchen renovation, you’ll appreciate the significance of a well-planned kitchen layout. An efficiently designed kitchen can maximize space utilisation and enhance the functionality of your cooking area.

We can help you maximize your home’s space, even if your kitchen layout is already set. We will help you design the perfect kitchen layout, whether your kitchen is small or large.

Galley Kitchen

Discover the Inner Passage Kitchen Layout, featuring two rows of cabinets facing each other. This highly cost-effective design optimizes every inch of your kitchen, providing ample storage and clever organization. If you’re looking for a space-saving and efficient kitchen, this layout is the perfect choice for you.

U-Shape Kitchen

The Spacious U-Shape Kitchen Layout is perfect for large kitchen areas undergoing renovation. With cabinets along three adjacent walls, it offers ample storage and cupboard space, making it ideal for families. Experience an enclosed ‘U shape’ feel in your kitchen with this functional and generous layout.

Island Kitchen

The Island Kitchen is a favoured choice for open-plan homes, creating a sociable and inviting space for families. With a large work surface at the centre, it provides additional kitchen space for a variety of tasks. Perfect for hosting parties and gatherings, this open and spacious layout allows you to enjoy a versatile and functional kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen

The versatile L-shaped layout is a perfect fit for kitchens of all sizes. Whether small or large, this design optimizes space with cabinets along two perpendicular walls, creating a cosy and functional kitchen.

Maximize kitchen space with ample storage options, including corner cupboards, for a well-organized and efficient area.

One Wall Kitchen

The single wall design is ideal for smaller kitchens, with all cabinets aligned against one wall. It offers an efficient layout for limited spaces, making the most of available room.

To fully utilize the space, consider extending vertically and taking cabinets up as high as possible.

Put the fridge at one end, the sink at the other, and the hob in the middle. This creates a sense of openness and maximizes storage options in the layout.

Rowe Granite Quartz Kitchen Worktops

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With years of experience in the industry, we are here to be a part of your kitchen transformation journey.

Our experts can assist in designing your ideal kitchen layout and provide the worktops of your dreams.

Contact us today and let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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