August 29, 2022

What Is Better, 20mm or 30mm Quartz?

The thickness in your Quartz Kitchen Worktops can have an impact on the functionality, safety and design of how you use them.

There are variety of worktop thicknesses available to choose from:

  • If you have a solid Wood worktop, the typical thickness availability is 28mm or 38mm. However, this can go up to be even thicker, 60mm to 80mm.
  • Laminated Worktops can be expected to be around 38mm to 40mm thick.
  • A natural stone worktop like Marble or Granite, can generally be 30mm thick.
  • An engineered stone Quartz countertops have a standard thickness of 20mm or 30mm thickness. Some manufacturers you may find will manufacture them to be 13mm thick.

Material Choices

The material of the Kitchen Worktop you choose will therefore depend on your thickness options available. Over the years, both 20mm and 30mm thicknesses have become the most popular. If you choose a Quartz surfaces then you will have the choice between either 20mm or 30mm thickness.

The thickness that you choose between the two options will depend on a few things. First, your style of kitchen, the worktop area and the strength that you require due to the wear and tear that it will have to with stain.

White Quartz Kitchen Worktops Island

The Difference Between 20mm & 30mm Kitchen Worktop Thicknesses

Here, we explain what the main differences are:

  1. Strength: If you purchase a 30mm Quartz Kitchen Worktop it can bear more pressure. This is on a single point in comparison to 20mm thickness. There is however, nothing wrong with a 20mm kitchen worktop thickness, but you will have to bear in mind the durability of a thinner worktop where you do a lot of food preparation.
  2. Durability: Both 20mm and 30mm worktop thicknesses are considered durable, However, the 30mm worktop choice has a chunkier look which add grandeur to the room. However, if you require a more delicate look, a 20m worktop will be more suitable, adding a modern touch.
  3. Structural: A 30mm worktop has a much higher structural security than a 20mm worktop. Thus meaning that a 30mm version can give support to 300mm of unsupported overhang. This makes it ideal for diners to have a seat at a breakfast bar. They are also scratch resistant. Alternatively, 20mm worktops are allowed to support a maximum 250mm unsupported overhang which is comfortable to enjoy a meal on. 30mm is also able to help in maintaining the overall load and balance of any kitchen furniture.
  4. Application: While 30mm Quartz work surfaces are perfect for Kitchens, the 20mm version can be installed to create an elegant, thin and sleek kitchen island, splashback, upstand etc. This is due to them being lighter and can be easily customised for different applications. Therefore, think about each option for the various parts of your kitchen design.
  5. Sinks and Hobs: 30mm Quartz Worktops provide better support for your sinks and hobs in comparison to 20mm version. This is due to 30mm being more durable, stronger and tougher, meaning that they can withstand any sized kitchen hob or sink.

Rowe Granite Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Conclusion

It is easy to be overwhelmed as a customer when designing your new kitchen and thinking about different worktop thicknesses. Rowe Granite are here to help make this process as stress free as possible.

These choices are a matter of preference and what you want to achieve in your new kitchen. This is based on decor, style and how functional you need your kitchen to be. This is why both options of thickness need to be thought about and where you require them as they can be a significant investment for any family.

We hope that this blog has helped give you the information that you need to make your choices. Rowe Granite have over 50 years experience in the trade. Along with our friendly and helpful staff will are sure to be able to help you. We have a huge range of Quartz Kitchen Worktops colours and patterns to choice from and can offer you some samples to look at to help make the right choice for your modern kitchen.

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