November 1, 2023

What’s Your Kitchen Style?

Revamping your kitchen poses its challenges.

Finding a kitchen style that you like is difficult because of money, time, and space limitations.

The many designs on home design platforms can be overwhelming when trying to make a decision.

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Cosy Charm

If you don’t like modern sharp edges and cold colours, think about the cozy and appealing style of a rustic kitchen. This style often leans into the use of natural wooden elements and softer hues.

To immerse fully in the rustic ambiance, utilise every design facet possible. Efficient organisation is pivotal in rustic designs, with open shelving often taking centre stage. This method provides enough space for everyday items and also displays special decorations.

For those possessing bulky culinary tools or a sizable crockery collection, incorporating a lemans can be a game-changer. The item holds many things, making them easily accessible. This also reduces the likelihood of a kitchenware avalanche when reaching into the corners.

Although rustic kitchens often veer towards a foundational colour scheme, there’s ample room for creativity.


Kitchens can become efficient and organized by using a minimalist approach to reduce clutter and streamline items.

Many of us inadvertently accumulate a range of dishes, mugs, and dated kitchenware over time.

Evaluate which items you genuinely use, and consider decluttering those that merely occupy space. If you want to keep valuable items, you can store them in different places such as the attic or garage.

To enhance the minimalist appeal, opt for handless cabinetry or sleek, easy-to-open storage solutions. This will introduce a contemporary flair to your space. When it comes to colour schemes and design elements, let your personal taste guide you.

Traditional Designs

The term “traditional” encompasses a wide spectrum in kitchen design. Numerous styles have remained evergreen since their inception.

Neutral Tones and Glass-Fronted Cabinets: These cabinets invariably infuse a space with a sophisticated, airy ambiance. They help you arrange and show your dishes and glasses, making them look nice and easy to reach.

White Palette with Wooden Highlights: If your walls are white, integrating wooden elements becomes effortless through countertops, chairs, and decor accessories.

Modern Kitchens with Grey Highlights: Combine deeper grey cabinets with lighter floors and white countertops to achieve a serene aesthetic. For smaller spaces, use darker hues judiciously; they can potentially make a room feel more confined.

Subdued Kitchen Accented with Vibrant Decor: A monochromatic theme juxtaposed with bright decor items creates a striking contrast. The guiding principle here is moderation; excessive colour variation might make the space feel chaotic.

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Rowe Granite Kitchen Worktops

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