December 7, 2022

White Granite Kitchen Worktops

Choosing the right Granite Kitchen Worktop for your Kitchen is very important. White Worktops have become more popular over the years for that modern, clean kitchen design most people are trying to achieve.

White Granite can easily boost the space with the clean, elegant and fresh feel it brings. It can also provide an easy solution if you are struggling with the decor of the room meaning you can add colour in your accessories rather than basing them around the colour of your worktops.

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect White Worktop For Your Kitchen

Granite is so popular for Kitchen Worktops, this is for many reasons. There are a huge variety of slabs to choose from meaning you are sure to find something to suit your style.

White is most staple colour to choose. It makes it so easy to style the room around and bring your favourite colours in to the space with some of your favourite pieces. White also provides lots of light in a space, this is particularly helpful if you are low on space, it can give the illusion of the room looking larger than it actually is.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A White Granite Kitchen Worktop

The first thing to consider is the shade of White you wish to have in your room. Believe it or not, there are many shades of white to choose from. The easiest why to do this is for us at Rowe Granite to provide a slab sample for you to look at and match the look with your current decor and fixtures for example you may have some kitchen cupboards with a pattern to it so you may want to bring an off white colour on to the worktops.

Each piece of Granite Worktops is totally different, no two are ever the same, meaning it is important to choose wisely. Granite can be a more expensive option but does have a bitter durability meaning it should last a lifetime if maintained well.

Cleaning your Granite Kitchen Worktops is quite an easy task if kept on top of. This is done with just some warm soapy water. White, however, can be susceptible to stain easier than other colours. This means that you will need to monitor any spills that come near your worktop and make sure that they are wiped away as soon as possible.

White is also a colour that will not show any scratches or small damage than another colours. This makes it the perfect option for a busy kitchen.

Granite does require sealing to make sure it lasts as long as possible. If this is not done it may result in them not lasting as long and therefore meaning that they may need replacing. This needs to be done annually ideally.

The Pro’s & Con’s Of White Granite Kitchen Worktops

These are some things to think about when you are thinking about White Granite Worktops. Here we have listed some of the pros and cons.


  • High quality
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Gives the illusion of more space
  • Strong & resistant
  • Low maintenance


  • Sealing required every year
  • White can be more susceptible to stains
  • Can be expensive than other worktop options
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Rowe Granite – White Kitchen Worktops

Rowe Granite supply and deliver Granite Kitchen Worktops throughout the UK. We have a very experienced and helpful team who we have built over the years to be the best team possible.

We started as a Father and Son team and have since grown through the years due to the high quality worktops that we supply to our customers. As a result of this, we have built up an excellent reputation and repour with our amazing customers. Thus recommending us to family and friends.

We have a huge range of Granite and Quartz worktops to choose from. We are sure to have something to suit your style and decor with our excellent quality Granite and Quartz. With cost effective options to also choose from.

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