November 8, 2023

White Kitchen Design

White Kitchen Design

White has long been a staple in architecture and design, gracing countless kitchens with its timeless elegance.

It captures the winter atmosphere perfectly and can be used all year round without feeling out of place. White’s versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate with a variety of design styles.

White Quartz worktops are a leading choice in modern design, it is not just a safe option.

Brightening Space

In kitchens that lack abundant natural light, opting for white can effortlessly enhance the brightness.

White reflects light, minimising shadows and making your kitchen look bigger, especially with strategic lighting.

To make a space brighter, adding a skylight can bring in more natural light, making it feel more open and airy.


White harmonises effortlessly with a variety of materials, but stone takes centre stage in the design world.

When featured in an all-white kitchen, stone introduces a touch of organic sophistication and a raw, natural charm.

For a distinctive kitchen design, granite is an exceptional choice. Granite is known for being strong and long-lasting. It is also unique, with each slab having its own patterns and colours.

It’s an excellent selection for countertops or splashbacks, bringing both resilience and bespoke beauty to your kitchen.

Rowe Granite supply and deliver Granite Worktops throughout the UK.


Adding white to your kitchen doesn’t mean it should take over everything; too much white can make your space look sterile.

As a neutral palette, white serves as an ideal foundation for a monochrome theme. To create a bold look, you can add shiny black quartz worktops or chairs. Alternatively, you can use dark grey quartz worktops to create a softer contrast against white walls or cabinets.

Choose black or grey accents or evenly distribute these shades for a timeless, sleek, and modern look in your kitchen’s design.


While we’ve sung praises for the classic white kitchen, don’t shy away from adding a dash of colour to your design!

At Rowe Granite, we often advocate for a burst of colour in the kitchen to inject some individuality.

The key is to know where to place it.

Don’t go overboard with your design. Too much can be chaotic. But carefully choose accent pieces like a colourful fruit bowl, unique art, or bright lampshades to make your space feel personal.

Tiles are a fantastic canvas for colour. If you’re unsure about bright wall colours, colourful tiles can be a middle ground, adding brightness and patterns. Multi-coloured tiles can especially add a warm, “lived-in” feel to your kitchen.

Quartz Worktops White

Rowe Granite Quartz and Granite Kitchen Worktops

Feeling inspired to craft a white kitchen with your own twist?

Whatever your style preference, Rowe Granite is here to assist. We supply and deliver high quality Granite and Quartz Kitchen Worktops throughout the UK.

Our customer reviews are a testament to our service, so let Rowe Granite help you create your ideal kitchen.

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