May 13, 2024

Why Quartz Worktops Are a Smart Choice for a Healthier Kitchen

Choosing the right Kitchen Worktop for your Kitchen can be overwhelming given the myriad of options available.

Research shows that Kitchen Worktops, regardless of the material, are prime areas for microbial growth and transfer.

As the Kitchen is frequently deemed the hub of the home, the Kitchen Worktop serves as the central station for various cooking activities and food preparation.

This, therefore, makes it an ideal environment for microbes to thrive and spread.

Of all the Kitchen Worktop materials available, Quartz offers the greatest reduction in bacterial risk.

As a man-made stone, Quartz incorporates a significant amount of resin to bind dust particles together. This process results in a non-porous surface, with virtually no gaps between the particles.

Consequently, water and other liquids cannot penetrate the Quartz Worktops, and microbes are unable to grow within the stone itself. This makes Quartz an exceptionally hygienic choice for worktops.

Quartz Worktops

Other Quartz Worktop Benefits

Another benefit of Quartz is the ability to incorporate antimicrobial agents directly into the Quartz mixture during the production process. Agents like Microban can be added to the slabs, providing an additional layer of protection by actively eliminating potential microbes that may settle on the stone surface.

Rowe Granite Quartz Kitchen Worktops

What does this mean when choosing your kitchen worktop? We’ve established that for food preparation and cooking, Quartz is a healthy and safe option.

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