April 11, 2023

Let’s Talk About Worktop Thicknesses

Worktops are available in many different styles therefore leaving a decision into the thickness of them too. There are many to choose from including:

  • Laminated Worktops – Generally are 38 – 40mm thickness
  • Wooden Worktops – These are usually between 28 – 38mm thick. However, these can go up to 60 – 80mm thickness in some cases
  • Granite Worktops – Granite is generally 30mm thick, any thicker and it would be too heavy for your units
  • Quartz Worktops – These are fitted at 20mm thickness or 30mm thickness. Some manufacturers offer a 13mm thickness option too

Which Worktop Thickness Is The Most Popular?

Over the years, 20mm worktop thickness seems to be the most popular choice. However, with the higher strength of engineered stones like Quartz, thickness profiles of 20mm have grown in popularity.

This could be due to the fact that more contemporary kitchens require a slim and minimalistic look. Therefore, some customer will go for the thinnest worktop thickness available. However, there are some issues that are raised when having thinner worktops.

When thinking about a kitchen renovation, you may decide to keep your existing units and just replace the worktops. Doing this can raise the thickness issues that are connected with the timing and the overall finish of the kitchen.

Hobs & Your Worktop Thickness

If you choose a sit-on hob, you need to ensure that there is sufficient clearance below the hob. This can cause an issue if your hob is over your oven. The reason for this is because the hob requires sufficient ventilation, and if ignored, potentially very dangerous. Some hob manufacturers will require 30mm clearance.

Sinks – Worktop Thickness

If the sink you have is undermounted, a thinner worktop will make no difference. This is because the top of the sink will be sealed to the bottom of the stone.

There may be the occasional problem with sit-on sinks (or top-mounted) where the draining board runs over with another cabinet. If this is the case, the thickness of the draining board needs to be taken into consideration along with the depth of the retaining clips, to ensure that they can accommodate within the reduced overall space with the inner top piece.

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