The Cambria Collection

Cambria is an American-made producer of natural stone surfaces, the first and only family-owned. Industry-leading innovation with dedicated American craftsmanship. It never needs to be sealed, polished, or recondishioned. It will clean up perfectly with just warm water and harmful bacteria and staining liquid will never be absorbed. Unlike many other stone surfaces, Cambria surface designs are completely maintenance-free.

  1. General Details

    Cambria Quartz Worktops

    A family-owned company, producing some of the finest quartz worktops. Cambria combines its innovative design and durability for a lifetime of beautiful worktops.

    Quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth. Only the clearest white crystals are used to add dimension and make the difference that you can clearly see.

    With dedicated American craftmanship, Industry-leading innovation and meticulous attention to the smallest details means that what is created is a wide variety of natural stone and designs unlike any other.

    There are many other advantages of Cambria Quartz; it never needs to be sealed, polished, or reconditioned, it will clean up with just warm water, staining liquid and harmful bacteria are never absorbed, certified by the NSF International as safe to use for food preparation.

    Cambria Quartz and Natural Stone are committed to holding that bold simple promise, in transforming natural quartz into breathtaking and exceptional surfaces.

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