Silestone Quartz Worktops

Silestone Quartz Worktops are hardwearing and highly resistant to stains. With Silestone Quartz worktops being manufactured from 20% recycled materials, they make for a more sustainable approach to worksurfaces. Made from Quartz and Resin to create a similar look to granite but in a much more solid colour. Silestone also offers options for mirror flecks, neutral stone, and concrete effects. Fitten by our specialist installation team.

The Technistone Collection

Techinstone Quartz Worktops are highly appreciated by customers due to their many features; non-absorption and porosity, high resistance to scratches and chemicals, a wide variety of colours and finishes, and thickness size choices. The use of this stone is found in both interior and exterior, in private or public projects and industrial buildings. They are more commonly seen for kitchen and bathroom countertops, pavers, stairs and tiles etc. Technistone combines selected high-quality natural, raw materials, and uses state of the art mixing and moulding technologies. Therefore creating a product that combines the durability of modern materials with the creativity of nature.

The Quarella Collection

Quarella Quartz Worktops are produced with the inspiration of high aesthetic and technological qualities of Italian products. They produce Quartz and Marble surfaces every year with the capability for innovation which is appreciated around the world. They satisfy the ever-changing demands of the market which is always seeking innovation. The charm and elegance of the Italian lifestyle are interpreted in this excellent contemporary manner.

The Luna Stone Collection

Luna Stone is created using excellent quality control methods. They are made to get rid of the stones that do not have the brilliant qualities which are needed for the engineered stone. This critical production process means that all of the stone resembles actual quartz worktops in terms of texture and colour. Luna Stone is perfect for Kitchen Countertops, Cladding and tiling, Bathrooms, Tabletops, Fireplace hearths, Stairways, Food preparation areas, and many more.

CRL Quartz Surfaces

CRL Quartz Worktops offer a versatile design solution for any purpose. They are available in a large selection of 39 colours, with a polished or honed finish. The surface comes in an extra-large format slab which allows for greater consistency in the design when placing them in large spaces such as kitchen worktops. The company is a leading supplier to the architectural, glazing and construction industries with over 100 years of trajectory in the sector. They also come with a 25-year warranty, giving you that extra peace of mind.

The Compac Collection

Compac Quartz Worktops are an excellent product using a magnificent engineering procedure of stone technology. The tight surface enables water to pass through without being absorbed, meaning the structure remains bacteria-free. Compac Quartz Worktops provide a non-porous work surface, making it easy to clean and maintain. There is no need to seal or polish the surface after installation, they are very light, durable, and hard-wearing.

The Classic Quartz Collection

Classic Quartz Worktops can be fabricated into many shapes, making them a desirable alternative to natural stone for homes and businesses. It can also be used in making tiles, kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops, fireplaces, wet room walls, and many more. Classic Quartz is a non-porous surface making it easy to clean and minimal maintenance, keeping your new Quartz Worktop looking like new.

The Cimstone Collection

Cimstone Quartz Worktops offer an alternative solution to the surface covering with its wide range of products, different colour options and textures. This is unlike the conventional options in natural stone. Having brought the compound stone technology to Turkey, where they have created a market offering alternatives to natural stone, they are rated among the worlds leading quartz-based stone producers.

The Cambria Collection

Cambria is an American-made producer of natural stone surfaces, the first and only family-owned. Industry-leading innovation with dedicated American craftsmanship. It never needs to be sealed, polished, or recondishioned. It will clean up perfectly with just warm water and harmful bacteria and staining liquid will never be absorbed. Unlike many other stone surfaces, Cambria surface designs are completely maintenance-free.

The Caesarstone Collection

Caesarstone Ltd manufacture quartz surfaces, which are used in both residential and commercial settings. Founded in 1987, Caesarstone was the pioneer of natural quartz work surfaces. For over a decade, Caesarstone has set the standards for innovation and craftsmanship which continues to set the trend in the industry. They have pioneered environmental and sustainability standards. An example of this is recycling 97% of the water that is used in the manufacturing process and collecting the dust from shipping, handling, production, and processing. Caesarstone is constantly seeking to protect the planet and the well-being of its customers.