The Technistone Collection

Techinstone Quartz Worktops are highly appreciated by customers due to their many features; non-absorption and porosity, high resistance to scratches and chemicals, a wide variety of colours and finishes, and thickness size choices. The use of this stone is found in both interior and exterior, in private or public projects and industrial buildings. They are more commonly seen for kitchen and bathroom countertops, pavers, stairs and tiles etc. Technistone combines selected high-quality natural, raw materials, and uses state of the art mixing and moulding technologies. Therefore creating a product that combines the durability of modern materials with the creativity of nature.

  1. General Details

    Technistone Quartz Worktops

    Technistone Quartz Worktops are a premium, durable, non-porous and compact product. It consists primarily of carefully selected natural materials, Quartz and Granite.

    The product is completed by coloured pigments and crushed mirrors to create that impressive look. Blended and bound with a high-performance polyester resin and processed into perfectly straight, resistant, and flat slabs along with different thicknesses and surface finishings.

    Hygiene requirements are met due to the excellent characteristics, easy maintenance, and low absorbent properties.
    All of this and more means that Technistone Quartz Worktops are ideal for private residences, commercial properties, or industrial spaces.

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